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[-RV-]earth 28.06.2015 15:48

RV embassy
hello, we are roma victor clan, you may find us here
for now we are playing only rtw, tho we are opened toward other games aswell.

zemlja 26.01.2016 16:46

pls if you have anything that incdicate about any rtw record, write to me about this, i am going to make section on rv forum about records...i already collected few interesting informations and i am going to publish them soon...

zemlja 15.05.2016 11:21
our new forum

zemlja 22.07.2016 01:51

Hello friends, hope to see you participating on 4th Roma Victor tourney and try to increase RTW activity.

Gwyndane 22.07.2016 11:02

How many fakes per player are allowed this time?

zemlja 27.02.2017 04:34


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