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The rules

1) Tournament will run in 2 formats. The Coliseum, where each gladiator fight each,
and the Lanista Games where fights are played in play off format.

2) At the end of the season 3 gladiators will play for the Gladius award,
- Winner of Coliseum with the most victories
- The most succesfull player, with the biggest % of victories (must have over average number
of games played)
- The winner of Lanista Games (play offs)

3) The gladiator call on fight any gladiator from tournament to play The Coliseum format.

4) Everyone has to play three games in The Coliseum (even if the score is 2-0) and Lanista Games
formats. Will be given points for each win, so you should win as much matchups as possible.

5) A gladiator can use a faction only once, until he has used up all 18 factions in battles against
other gladiators(rome is used 2 times for a circle).

6) In final stage the 3 gladiators will fight each others in first to 5 victories (5-0; ... 5-4 etc).
Each game will count. Grand Finalists have all factions avaible, though the gladiators cant use only
once same faction against one oponent.

7) Gladiator who first signed up for the tourney first choose a faction and attack first. Later
after tournament started, the gladiator placed higher pick faction and atack first. In the second game
- his rival choose and attack first. In the third game - the player who lost the second game
pick faction first.

8) In Lanista Games player who is written first choose first faction and atack, 2nd game 2nd
player choose first and atack. In third game - the player who lost second game pick faction and atack first.

9) Gladiators fights only once per season in Coliseum.

10) Games do not limit you in time. You have 60 days for Coliseum, and arranged deadlines
for Lanista Games which will be appointed in the day when tournament officially starts!
If you want to increase your rating - ask gladiators to fight.

11) Rules may change slightly during the season.

12) Games are played following the money table :


For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.!
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