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This is a mod tourney for Rome: Total War. Using a simple mod, games will be played in the Macedon-Macedon matchup. The format of the tourney is single elimination, best of 3.

Faction Selection

The faction picking goes as follows:

Player 1: "I choose Macedon"

Player 2: "Me too"

Build/Map Limitations

This tourney will be played using Clan War Belt rules. All games will be held on the calm setting on Grassy Flatland.

Other Rules

You may not directly insult your opponent. Failure to comply may result in me telling you not to do that.

You may not red line camp. If I could not run my horse archers around your entire army, its red line camping. ATTENTION:Flagrant use of redline will result in replaying of the game. If a player is found to flagrantly redline 2 times in the tourney, he will be kicked. If the redlining is borderline, a player is entitled to abort the game and talk to me. However, if a game is completed with marginal red line camping, it counts.

Any violation of CWB rules should be dealt with in the following way. The offending unit(s) shall be retreated. If a violation has not been found until after the game is completed, the game counts.

Do not spam the forum. Spamming will result in castration.
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